Sharps Management

Sharps Disposal Management


There are a variety of sharp objects and tools that doctors and medical professionals use in the course of their services. These can include needles, scalpels, and syringes. Sharps present a risk to staff if not properly disposed of. The risk significantly increases when they become contaminated with blood or other hazardous substances. Sharps are required to be disposed of in puncture-proof, leak-proof, closed, and clearly labeled designated containers. This helps reduce the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. While it is essential for office or facility staff to be properly trained in handling and disposing of sharps, it's also important to partner with a reliable waste management company. At BWS, we provide safe and compliant collection and disposal of sharps waste for any size customer in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. Whether you’re an independent practice or an organization with multiple facilities, we’ll develop a sharps disposal management program that suites your needs and ensures regulatory compliance. We offer services for a variety of industries that utilize needles in their operation, such as veterinary hospitals, tattoo shops, acupuncture, medispas, and more.

The flexibility of our sharps management services allow you to purchase sharps containers as needed without contract restrictions or limitations. Our medical waste service technicians will replace full containers when collected. Ongoing scheduled replacement service for sharps containers are also available.

We offer reusable and sustainable, cost-efficient sharps containers that provide an economical and compliant disposal method. Our reusable sharps containers are available in small and large volumes, perfect for any size practice or healthcare system. If you are a high-volume sharps waste generator and interested in reusable sharps containers, we have you covered. At BWS, we can implement a reusable sharps container program that fits the needs of high-volume facilities. View all of our available sharps containers and products.  Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of our Large Volume Sharps containers.

Read more about handling sharps in our Simple Steps to Sharps Safety resource guide or click here to download a printable version.

Community Sharps Safety

While most sharps and needles are managed within the healthcare sector and overseen in controlled facilities, there are a significant amount administered by the public and in the communities.  Learn more about our Sharps Safety program, which provides a way to safely dispose of home-generated sharps for the public and those in our communities. 

We also offer services for businesses managing diabetic staff in the workplace. While your business may not use needles or sharps within it's operation, you may have diabetic staff that need a safe way to dispose of their needles while managing their diabetes at work. Read more about how we can help you implement a sharps safety program for diabetics at your business in our recent blog.

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