Comprehensive Regulated Waste Management for Hospitals


Major sources of healthcare generated waste are hospitals. The regulated waste management for hospitals and institutions can cover an extensive list of waste streams, from biohazardous and pharmaceutical, to universal, confidential documents and data, and electronic waste. It can be challenging for hospitals to navigate the complexities of requirements and compliance regulations managing the variety of waste streams they produce.  At BWS, we specialize in providing comprehensive and compliant integrated waste removal, transportation, and disposal solutions to hospitals and institutions.

Based on your facility needs and business operation objectives, our experts assist in accomplishing your goals by finding ways of minimizing waste, reducing costs, identify recycling opportunities, educating staff on better practices and compliance regulations, or improving sustainability. After an assessment of waste streams and overall objectives, we help develop custom plans equipped to handle the large volume and variety of wastes generated by hospitals, that address staff and patient safety, save costs, and improve efficiencies. Learn more about our Integrated Waste Solutions and the services we provide hospitals.

Interested in a cost-efficient and sustainable sharps management program for hospitals or institutions? We have you covered. At BWS, we can implement a reusable sharps container program that fits the needs of high-volume facilities.

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