Long-term Care Providers

Managing Regulated Waste for Long-term Care Providers


At BWS we partner with many long-term care facilities and nursing homes across the Mid-Atlantic region to handle, transport, and properly dispose of a variety of regulated waste streams. Managing Regulated Waste for Long-term Care Facilities includes can include medical waste disposal, hazardous waste, sharps, pharmaceutical and medication waste, document shredding, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to list a few.  We work closely with administrative or EVS staff and housekeeping or janitors to assure all regulated waste is properly identified and segregated to eliminate any non-compliant practices and ensure the safety of all staff and patients.

Some long-term care or nursing home facilities may also produce sensitive patient documentation that requires secure disposal, whether its documentation that facility staff are managing or your long-term residents are storing. With the knowledge and experience in specialized waste management that our team has, we provide comprehensive and seamless compliant service for all long-term care facilities and nursing home waste streams. Our pick up, transport, and disposal services are flexible and reliable.

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