Biotech/Research Labs

Regulated Waste Management for Biotech Companies, Research Labs, and Start-ups


Most waste streams produced at research laboratories and biotech companies can be managed like regulated medical waste if properly segregated and labeled. Regulated waste such as sharps, infectious agents, and animal carcasses are common. Pharmaceutical and hazardous chemical waste are also common at research labs and have strict local, state, and federal regulations in place to categorize, segregate, store, transport and dispose of these types of regulated wastes.

Why Partner with BWS at your Laboratory or Biotech Company for Waste Disposal

We partner with many research laboratories and biotech companies to identify all waste streams and establish compliant processing procedures suitable for these types of facilities. This helps to enforce streamlined practices to keep faculty, staff, and service technicians safe by limiting any improper or non-compliant handling. The value of our comprehensive service includes one company handling, transporting, and properly disposing of all sensitive waste streams generated by research laboratory and biotech companies.

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