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Secure document shredding and data destruction services in the Mid-Atlantic


Whether you're a doctor's office managing patient records past their retention period, a tax preparer using sensitive client documents, or a title company with customer files for closing procedures, you have personal information and confidential data to protect. Some examples of documents or materials you may have that require secure destruction can include patient records, x-rays, promotional or branded products, bank statements, hard drives, employment records, payroll records, tax records, proprietary documents, damaged products, or prototypes.

We provide secure document shredding with one-time purge services and recurring flexible document shredding scheduling in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. We are proud to offer our shredding services to a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes.

BWS Mobile Shredding Truck

As our customer's needs have grown, so have we. Our shredding services began with a heavy duty, high capacity cross-cutting shredder for paper and records. We have an industrial-sized grinding shredder that provides more capacity and the ability to shred just about anything - paper products, wood materials, cardboard, and more! And now, we've added a state-of-the-art mobile, on-demand shredding truck to our fleet. With this addition to our shredding services line-up, we can offer a variety of options for products and jobs of all types.

For many customers that do not need regular shredding services, our one-time clean-out, bulk records or document destruction, offers a simple and secure solution to properly destroy sensitive items at the end of their retention period or after an office reorganization. With ongoing shredding services, our specialized technicians will set up tamper-proof consoles for the collection of confidential and sensitive documents or records. On a regular basis, with flexible schedules available, they will empty the consoles, provide a certificate of destruction, and transport the contents to our in-house industrial shredder for proper disposal and recycling.

Our Advantages

  • Local, family-owned and friendly shredding service provider supporting our communities and creating jobs
  • Flexibility in responsiveness versus national competitors
  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • No surprise fees
  • Cost efficient, safe, and compliant service
  • Scalable or customizable schedules to suit your needs
  • Save time versus managing sensitive document shredding on your own
  • If you generate biohazardous waste too, you'll benefit from one company servicing both waste streams
  • Over 45 years of managing regulated waste and knowledge of compliance regulations

Sustainable Document & Product Shredding

Providing safe and sustainable services is at the core of our values. We take our environmental responsibilities serious. As a proud member of a nationally recognized agency centered around responsible waste management practices, we take great pride in being a Zero-waste facility.

All records and documents go through our industrial-size shredder or on our mobile shred truck while you watch shredding being processed on the truck's monitor.  The shredding is the compacted or baled. This helps protect sensitive and confidential customer, patient, or practice information that must be properly destroyed in accordance with HIPAA and other agency regulations. We send the shredded and grinded material off to the recyclers. After that, the recycled material becomes something new, like more paper or reusable products! We create and provide a Certificate of Destruction at the time of each service. All certified documents are accessible on our online client portal.

Your company is responsible for your waste until it is destroyed – even after it has left your facility.  For this reason, it is very important to trust a company you can rely on for secure document removal and shredding.  BWS has a combined 70 years of experience managing sensitive documents and the expertise to ensure that your records, media, or products are handled appropriately and securely.

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